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Spring 2015 ~

We moved in to our home in Pilgrim Pines over two months ago.  We couldn’t be happier with the home and the neighborhood.  The Hebb brothers, Brian, Mark, Scott and Chris have all been wonderful to work with.  They were extremely helpful during the review of the home layout, the selection phase and right through the final landscaping.  Mark offered suggestions with layout and design and, I must say, they were great suggestions.  Each time reminding us that it was our home and we were going to be living there.  He was always responsive to the many questions we had, as we had never built a home before.

We would definitely recommend building your home in Pilgrim Pines — and the sunsets are awesome!

Karen & Dan Lewko
Settlers Way

We live at 31 Mirasol Drive and would like to share a few comments from our experience on moving to Pilgrim Pines.

We were looking for a new home around Cape Cod to be near family and friends, but close enough to commute to Boston or Providence. We also wanted to be able to enjoy some of our hobbies (golf, fishing, biking and taking day trips on and off Cape). For us, Pilgrim Pines was an ideal location.

Having had two houses built for us previously, and going through the buying and selling process a couple of times, we had some experience working with builders and realtors. We can honestly say that Hebb Builders (Brian, Mark, Scott and Chris) and Shana Lundell at Coldwell Banker were a pleasure to work with. Everyone was very professional and courteous, but more importantly for us is that they listened to our thoughts and needs in helping us in making decisions throughout the entire process.

In working with any builder, one of our obvious concerns was the quality of the homes being built. The home we were interested in was already in progress (frame and studded walls). A friend of ours, who provides architectural designs for homeowners, was quite impressed with the quality of construction, which for us, was a source of comfort.

Once all decisions were agreed upon and the P&S was signed, we were very pleased with the punctuality of Hebb Builders, staying on time through each building phase, until our home was completed.

The last point we’d like to share is the fact that Hebb Builders continued to stay in contact with us months after we moved in, making sure we were satisfied and that everything was in working order. This follow-up seems rare today. We’ve now lived at Pilgrim Pines for almost two years and we’re very happy we made the move.


Mark and Lynn Sabina

My husband and I are proud owners of one of the homes put up by Hebb Builders here in Bourne. What drew us to Pilgrim Pines were the attractive neighborhood and the proximity to the Cape Cod Canal. We were impressed with the variety of styles of homes, the floor plans, the curb appeal of all the homes and most importantly, the reasonable prices. After working with Shana Lundell of Coldwell Banker and talking with Mark Hebb, we were very confident that we had made a good choice. The Hebb brothers are very professional and accessible and we were very happy with the quality of workmanship. Hebb Builders, from start to finish, delivered everything they promised and ahead of schedule. We got a great house at a great price!

Regina and Warren Spurling

Our experience with Hebb Builders was and is a great one.  Our home came out beautiful. Hebb Builders do quality work.  They are always there to answer any questions or concerns that we have, and still check in with us to make sure that we are pleased with our home.  Shana Lundell, the realtor is very accommodating as to any questions that we had and always returned our emails promptly.

Ann & Rusty

Andy and I were impressed and very pleased with our experience with Hebb Builders from the very beginning.  They were very friendly and helpful every step of the way.  It quickly became apparent to us that the Hebb Builders care so much about the homes they build……each time we came to see the progress of our home during the construction phase, the site was always very clean, and they clearly put a lot of thought into creating a beautiful yet very functional home for the prospective homeowners.  We also found the Hebb Builders to be very meticulous in their work, which always left us with a very satisfied feeling.

We would gladly encourage anyone looking to either buy or build a home to consider Hebb Builders.


Andrew and Heather Intrieri

My experience has been excellent during the entire process, both pre and post closing in all aspects….including but not limited to the communication, the workmanship, the schedule and the negotiation segments of buying, building, customizing and delivering my property on time and as expected.

I would recommend, without reservation, Hebb Builders to anyone looking to get a top of the line, quality build, customized home at competitive rates.

Dennis Kelly

Jeff and I wanted to write you about our experience with the Hebb Builders. We have been residing in our home for about a year and a half and have had a pleasurable experience. If there was ever a problem or the smallest of glitches, one of the builders was here promptly to fix it. My father and brother-in-law are both independent builders and have said that the structure and quality of this house is great. My mother-in-law is an interior decorator. She helped us achieve the style and feel of the decor in our home decorated from top to bottom. We would love to share our beautiful home and express our experience in detail with anyone who is seriously considering moving into Pilgrim Pines.


Jeff and Bridget Haglund

We purchased a new home in the Pilgrim Pines development in Bourne in January of 2010 through Shana Lundell. There are really not enough positive things to say about Shana and how much she helped us through every step of the way during the whole process from making an offer, purchasing appliances, light fixtures, carpets, looking at the house repeatedly as it was completed, obtaining home owner’s insurance, right up to closing and getting the keys to our new home. Shana was always responsive to our needs, answered every question that we had immediately and could not have been more helpful. Shana truly goes above and beyond and does so with a generous, friendly and totally positive attitude. We really feel that she does everything possible to make a sometimes stressful experience into an enjoyable one and is just wonderful to work with. We are very grateful to her for all of her help.

Lois and Paul Russo

Purchasing a home was a brand new experience for us! Being first-time home buyers, especially in the present economic climate, was sure to be terrifying, but for us, the transition couldn’t have been more smooth. Our experience comes from two perspectives: working with Shana Lundell, and working with Mark Hebb and the Hebb Builders.

Thanks to Shana, who walked us very slowly through each step of the purchasing process, we felt very comfortable and at ease. She was friendly and up-front, and sure to answer all of our never-ending questions very quickly. We came to value her opinion and her expertise, and developed a great relationship based on trust, confidence, and in the end, friendship.

Mark Hebb was also instrumental to our decision in the purchase of this home. Once we decided on our home, we quickly became regular visitors to the house as it completed various stages of construction. Mark and his brothers were always patient, and explained each particular question we had for them. They accepted our suggestions and gave great advice. We felt like they truly listened to our concerns, and still do. We feel that, even though the purchase of our home is complete, we have genuine support as we get to understand the workings of our home and all of its intricacies. For first-time home buyers, I cannot stress how important this support has become to us.

Our overall experience has been wonderful. I would imagine that all who look for Shana’s invaluable professionalism in the purchase of a home would have an experience such as ours: fantastic! And purchasing a home built from Hebb Builders is, frankly, a no-brainer!


Eric and Karen Runyon

Having had the experience of overseeing the construction of two previous houses and ready for our third, we took what we learned and visited several areas of new home construction to determine how each measured up to our criteria.

We wanted a mixed community consisting of young families through seniors in an area with a variety of home styles to consider.  Living close to the Cape Cod bridges and having easy access to highways was a high priority.   Tired of the regular schedule and high cost of repainting our wood constructed homes and replacing many decaying wooden boards, we wanted a new home that would require a minimum of maintenance.

We required a building contractor who had a stellar record of quality home construction, one who would listen to our suggestions and ideas and would also provide us with a regular schedule of communication during our project.    It was our introduction to  Hebb Builders and their real estate agent that convinced us that our new home should be built at Pilgrim Pines.

During construction we found that the builders took pride in their work, followed through on promises made, addressed any issues presented in a timely manner and kept a clean work site.   Their real estate agent, Shana, was always available to us, dependable, informative and ready to help in any way.   We have been pleased with the on-going quality of after construction communication.

Walt and Barbara Nagle